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Mettle Hill Update – Tuesday 18th December

Meldreth Parish Council have this afternoon been told by Cambridgeshire County Council that our offer for the former traveller’s site on Mettle Hill has been accepted, subject to contract, and that they have today instructed their solicitors to deal with the transfer. We understand that the County Council have not received an offer for the land from South Cambridgeshire District Council by the deadline of 17th December, which is in line with the decision of the leader of SCDC that they would not bid against the Parish Council, which was published on 7th December. We hope to complete the deal as soon as possible.

One Response to Mettle Hill Update – Tuesday 18th December

  • E Brophy says:

    I may not live in the village any more,but have friends and family that are. I lived through the last lot that were based at the camp site and would not wish that on anyone. I hope that the land is put to good use for the village. Hopefully the majority will back what ever is decided by the parish council.
    E Brophy

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