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Police support and extra protection for the disused Mettle Hill site

Police Support for Mettle Hill

Cambridgeshire Police have been providing extra patrols around Mettle Hill and the Meldreth area for some time, and this is being reinforced to make a visible presence. 

Concerns yesterday about an alert from Countryside Watch, regarding indications of the possibility of theft of earth-moving equipment in order to move earth bunds, have been followed up at the highest level with Police, County and District Councils. 

Direct lines of contact with Police are firmly established with regular support visits to the Showmen’s sites.

Extra earth to support protective bund, disused Traveller site

An offer has been made by a private contractor to dump extra earth on the protective bund at the disused Traveller site in Mettle Hill, for the purpose of reinforcing it. This has been approved by the County Council and will take place later today.

2 Responses to Police support and extra protection for the disused Mettle Hill site

  • Get this stopped now says:

    If SCDC been made aware of all this what action do they intend taking.
    Lets get Cllr Howell out right now to fulfill his promise to sort out any trouble !

  • Emma birch says:

    I think there are more sleepless nights to come as we’ve had the police back down Five Acres tonight to deal with more vandalism and our big gates are now closed …………….

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